This book was written before being ordained and creating LovePrayObey, inc.

Author’s Bio:

Steven Wright Clarkson grew up in Miami, FL where he enjoyed most of what living on the coast had to offer – scuba diving, water skiing, and fishing, among other activities. He went to Duke University and was enrolled in Army ROTC his last two years. As an active duty officer, Steven spent his first tour of duty in Korea. He has also taught English in Japan, traveled extensively throughout the East, and fathered two beautiful children. He received his Master of Business Administration from the University of South Carolina in 1994. He spends his times now writing, playing mandolin, reading Christian related materials, and assisting in raising his boy and girl. He currently lives in Austin, Texas where the heat doesn’t even compare to Miami. Steven’s relationship to the Lord is the most important part of his life. He was ordained as a pastor in 2012.

Summary of book:

As our nation and this world seem to be crumbling around us, Steven’s diary of how a bipolar Christian views the world is both fascinating and life changing.  It is uncanny how these entries coincide with many of the major events in the period covering the time from 2009 through 2011. Steven’s first love is the Lord and it’s apparent on every page of this account of one Christian’s vantage point of the world that God created. It’s both compelling and direct and will captivate the reader from page one on. It started as a blog on Steven’s music website and has evolved from there.  With an end time view, Steven has brought to light many of the questions Christians are asking today. This book is a good resource for anyone interested in modern Christian thought. As the book is primarily organized chronologically by date, it can also serve as a daily devotional of sorts.

Look for it at,  (ebook as of Oct 1013 for the Kindle), the iTunes Store, (for the Nook) and your nearest bookstore starting in November, 2011.



May Christ Be With You

Book Reviews:

A recent review on Amazon:

Steven Clarkson's courage to share intimate, deep, honest blog entries about his challenging but enlightening journey as a Christian who also struggles with mental health and relationship issues is remarkable. This book is so readable; the entries are all articulate, interesting, modest, and well-written. 

The author never minimizes what is required of him (or the reader) as a Christian and how tough it is to honor the challenges at times. He admits when he doesn't know something or is confused, and he never preaches or puts the reader down. He also admits the text is repetitive at times and may not flow perfectly, but this is, after all, a collection of thoughts, observations, and personal revelations written over time.

The book is too long for my taste, but the paragrah headings helped me skip around and read what resonated for me. The poetry is quite good, also, and along with the author's considerable musical talents and accomplishments, it's easy to see Mr. Clarkson as a artist of broad abilities. This book adds to his legacy beautifully.

Another review from Amazon:

I really like this book. I've never stopped reading books over the past forty plus years, so I've consumed many, and always have hundreds at my fingertips to choose from. Yet THIS book has somehow managed to find an unfilled niche. I don't find myself wanting to read from it every day, but I never let it get lost to quick seeking, because it feeds a certain need that does emerge frequently. Not when I want an engrossing story, not when I want to be awed by the craftwork of a writing master, but rather when I want to stimulate my feeling-based examination of the frontiers of my realm of understanding. I have scores of texts of religious philosophy, both Christian and other, but Clarkson's personal documentation of his spiritual pondering serves like no other catalyst in my library to set me off on my own my own introspective exploration. His combination of obvious honesty and faith immediately makes me braver in pushing my own. Check it out. It may well fill a niche you also didn't know was there.

Another comment:

"As for me, your book didn't personally influence my faith one way or the other but did give me greater insight into the struggles that you have had as well as many other bipolar people of faith (or many faiths I suppose who would presumably struggle with many of the same things).  I like the fact that it touched on many  different areas of life i.e. from faith to marriage to adult  relationships to music.  Because of that, it was always easy to just turn a page and look at something different in the next section.  As I mentioned in a prior email, you have maintained your curious nature and that made easier for me as a reader.  I can't say that I agree  with everything that you wrote but, then again, I don't think that was the point of writing it."