To your right you will find the inspirational songs based on my reading of scripture (the Bible verses I meditated are sometimes in the info section of each song -- some of the songs are just for fun. I have decided to concentrate on practicing and releasing a single every once in awhile. 2013-14 were busy years for recording.  These songs are to the right are recorded live with no overdubbing and I will be adding to the list more often than not.

I will continue to pick the best recordings that I do and put them up as singles or album compilations on the popular web streaming/downloading sites and some on the player to the right. If you prefer, you can contact me I will send a couple cds of your choice to you as my budget allows. Small donations help with the shipping and reproduction costs.

You can find many more of my recordings on or iTunes - just search under Steven Wright Clarkson or Pastor Steven Wright Clarkson.

There are more songs below and information about my cd recordings,etc.

These 14 tracks (on the right side column below) in the audio player are indicative of Steven's playing style. They are from "Sometimes" (Peace be with you and The Vinedresser), "Journey of a Christian's Heart" (Amazing Grace, The Lord's Prayer. and Windows) - Steven will be renaming this album "The Prism" in it's remastered form, "Sunsets" (Hole in the Wall),  a new album, "The Unseen" (God is Good all the Time, Resolution, the Unseen, Prosperity, Sacred Heart, and Console - Recorded with Steven's new Gilchrist), and "Nails of Iron" (Nails of Iron, His Blood Renews, Life is a Roller Coaster, Driven, Eternity, and Suffering with Purpose). Steven has masters of all my original material and can duplicate any of them for a small donation to cover materials and shipping (his ministry can not aboorb these costs). Any amount over that is up to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Steven. As mentioned on the home page, Steven has some free downloads offered on mandohangout and you can purchase albums or songs at many places on the internet including and itunes. Steven has professionally replicated "The Prism", "Color it Simple", "Sometimes", "The Unseen" and "Fatherhood" - these can be obtained only through me if you want physical cds. I provide them free as money allows.

And, yes, most of Steven's material is available for digital download at iTunes, Napster, etc. - just search under Steven Wright Clarkson.


Pastor Steven

Sometimes you need to hit the pause/play button more than once to have the music stream. 

Click on the picture above to access the builder's, Girouard Mandolins, website. They make a great instrument!

Click on the picture above to access the builder's, Girouard Mandolins, website. They make a great instrument!

New Music

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Max and Laurie are building the first "Glacier" model with my inspiration and their incredible luthier abilities. I also just acquired my first Passernig, a two point, which is highlighted in the video on the first page, "Love is Forever"

Albums to Date:

Meow Meow Baby
Journey of a Christian's Heart (with spoken word - remastered, replicated and renamed "The Prism")
Jesus is Risen: An Easter meditation
Calm of the Dog
Montana Moon
The Mountain
Sunsets: God is with us (6 cd set of material)
Color it Simple - professionally replicated
Sometimes - professionally replicated
The Unseen - highlights the first Gilchrist Model 3 recording. I has been replicated and is ready for distribution (Also available as a download on most music websites including iTunes)
Nails of Iron - 14 tracks (can easily be duplicated - will not be replicating it in it's present form)
Fatherhood (only available on CD or iTunes or other sites like Napster)
The Talking Drum (with percussion - only available directly from me at this time)
World View (Single - available at cdbaby, iTunes, etc.)
Hole in the Wall (Single - available at cdbaby, iTunes, etc.)
The Vinedresser (Single - available at cdbaby, iTunes, etc.)
The Talking Drum (Single - available at cdbaby, iTunes, etc.)
Pensive (Single - available at cdbaby, iTunes, etc.)
A Moment in Time (uses some of the tracks from "The Talking Drum")
The Waterfall
Draws Me In (an ongoing project - ready by the end of summer 2015)
Ocean Blue Meditation