A Pocketful of Kindness

A Pocketful of Kindness is the title track of my new project: Today I am going to celebrate kindness, not the celebration of diversity. I am not going to be completely in tune with what every organization, government, an individuals personal choice, etc. are doing. I certainly believe that Islamic extremists are of a diverse group, but I don't think for one second that they are in the right or are at all justified in their actions. But I can act in kindness by praying that they find their way to the truth. Kindness can take the form of a gentle hug, a funny joke, or a gift of time or money to the less fortunate. It can be calling a friend you haven't talked to in awhile just to say you were thinking about them. I am sure you can think of hundreds of more examples. The ultimate kindness in the history of the world was what Jesus Christ did on the cross. I personally don't pick a particular day to think about this or to honor His actions. Instead I think about it everyday. I also think about His position on the right hand side of God and how His nor God's kindness has stopped since creation (always just, pure, and righteous). Just realize that your kindness towards others can really make a difference. The more you do it, the more natural it becomes. In this world of folks being always busy with this activity or the next, glued to a smartphone (even at a meal with friends), etc., I would propose you take a second to smile at the checkout clerk at a fast food place or go for a walk with your family.

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