A little about Steven and LovePrayObey, inc.:


Ordained Pastor in 2012
Evangelical Protestant 
Stephen Minister (Trained in 2006)
Founded the ministry of LovePrayObey, inc. in 2012 (originally used personal name and the www.chocteemusic.com designation - Christian music website since 2007)
Gave my life to the Lord in the spring of 1993


Father of two incredible children, wonderful parents, and a brother (who has 5 sons - imagine that!)
All the Christians in the Body of Christ are also family
The world Jewish community


Gulliver Preparatory School - Miami, Fl (Graduated 7th in class, 1985)
Duke University (1986-1989) - BA in Political Science
Basic Camp for Officer's at Fort Knox and Advanced Camp for Officer's at Fort Bragg (during summer's while attending Duke)
Transportation Officer Basic Course (1989-1990)
Advanced Army Communication Course at Fort Gordon (Earned secret clearance in 1993)
University of South Carolina (1991-1994) - MBA 
Coursework in Human development and Psychology at Texas University (1997-1998)

The Kiddos

Relative Work Experience:

Teacher in Japan - (1989)
US Army - logistics officer/platoon leader/executive officer/rear detachment commander (1989-1994)
Teacher - elementary special education, middle school world culture and American history (1998-2000)
Educational research analyst - Texas school performance review (2001-2004)
Real estate agent - (2004-2008)
Musician, producer, and writer (2008-present)
Published "A Wounded Dove" in 2011

Other shorter careers: Dominos delivery driver and assistant manager in high school, Assistant Manager at Blockbuster during graduate school, Staff at the Computer Related Science Studies camp, Dispatcher/Driver/Warehouse Manager at FasTex Logistics, Investigator for Child Protective Services, and Co-owner of Lion's Head Logistics.


Pledge President (Delta Kappa Epsilon) at Duke (1987)
Fraternity President (Delta Kappa Epsilon) at Duke (1987-1988)
Overseas Service Medal (War Time during first Gulf Conflict)
Army Commendation Medal (1994)

Music Experience: (His musical style is unique and makes for great devotional or background music.)

8 years playing alto sax in middle and high school band - formal lessons
7 years playing electric and acoutic guitar - formal lessons
16 years playing mandolin - 8 years professionally (mostly solo studio work) - Holy Spirit taught
Released 14 albums to date with one in the works - mostly solo mandolin
Played professionally with "The Grinding Wheel", "Lava Lab" and "Slacker's Banquet"

Heaven's Peak in MT

You can click on the image above to be directed to the Glacier National Park Homepage.

World Travels:

Europe, Far East, Carribean, Canada, Mexico, Central America - have lived in both Japan and South Korea.


The Bible, Christian thought, his kids, helping people, writing, playing and recording mandolin, world culture, the oudoors, cooking, etc.

Books written to date:

His Christian testimony and his world view is contained in his book "The Wounded Dove". Learn more on the book section of this website.

Steven plays a Passernig mandolin and a Girouard octave - Max is also building me a brand new mandolin which we collaborated on

If you would rather email him directly, you can do so at LovePrayObey(at)gmail.com.

God speed,

Pastor Steven
Christ is King!

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